You Had Us At "Mutually Beneficial"

Share our strategies and get $250.

Plus get another $1,000 for your 10th referral. Seriously.

We call it GPF Referral Rewards, but you can call it a summer vacation, your Christmas shopping or simply “Free Cash.”

How It Works:

If any practice that you refer to us signs-on within 90 days, GetPaidFaster will pay you a Referral Reward in the amount of $250. It’s that easy.

For your 10th successful referral, you’ll receive an additional $1,000. So if 10 practices sign-up upon your referral, you just made a cool $3,500. If you sign up 20, you get $7,000.

If your referrals lead to 100 new clients, then you could buy a new BMW! Or put money on a house! Or just put away $40,000 under your mattress - it’s up to you !

Point us towards a practice that would want to double their patient cashflow…that you have warmed-up for us?

Three Important Details

1) Your part is easy. The next time you’re talking to a doctor or administrator, ask them if they have a few “unpaid invoices” lying around.

If so, tell them that they might be “fascinated” by a company who has figured out how to get patients to actually pay their portion, then softly suggest that they look us up or that you'll have a rep call them, then fill out the lead form below.

Please don't just send us a list of names, but only people you have with about us and would know our name when we called them the next day. (They will surely thank you for sharing!)

2) Be smart. The referrals that typically lead to new clients for us come when you talk to the right person! That is, instead of recommending us to a biller or the front desk staff, you’ll want to talk to the lead doctor in a smaller 1-2 doctor practice or to the practice administrator when it’s a larger 3+ doctor practice.

3) Communicate well. To get credit for the referral (and to get your money!), your referral must be filled out below completely. (If two partners of ours refer the same practice, the one who sent the decision-maker to us first will get the credit.)

Once we win them as a new client, we’ll let you know.

This Is A Win-Win-WIn

When the doctors use our A/R strategies and automated A/R tools, they will make more money, you will look brilliant as an educational resource, and of course, we are happy to have a new client.

Now, who should you call first to let them know we'll be calling?