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How to Optimize the 4 A/R Tools

Your Bill or Statement

You might consider seeing your first bill as getting out the first prompt for payment out of the way. Its just gets the ball rolling.

Once that is done, and the Faithful have paid, you can move on to the follow-up and ramp-up process to escalate things…so that you aren't wasting time "giving people more time" when really they don't need more time, they need more reminders and/or demands.

The good news is that there may be smarter ways to do this, where you get paid even faster based on a few surprising studies. Learn More...

Our Interface Partners
If you typically submit more than 20 accounts a month to TSI, you might consider seeing if we partner with your software or filing company already, which would make uploads to our portal much easier. (NO MORE MANUALLY DATA-ENTRY!)

We have interfaces and partnerships with dozens of companies, like Quickbooks, Athena Health, NextGen, Allscripts, eClinical Works, Greenway Medical, Centricity Health, Pest Pac Software, EDImis, and on and on the list goes.
Contact us to see if yours in on the list. If not, we can contact them to see what we can do.
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Accelerator - 1st-Party Friendly Reminders

Ok, so they have ignored your bill and/or statement. Now what?

If they set the bill aside and didn't at least pay you something or call you to tell you a sob story, what does that say about them?

Its not time to conclude that they are the scum of the Earth just yet. Maybe your bills got lost in the mail. Maybe they are tight on cash and are ashamed to call. Maybe they are busy or had some big something happen that has distracted them from paying anyone at all. Maybe its just their "messy" personality type. Maybe you are just seen as a "stack #2" industry to them that they will pay when they feel like it.

So how do you get them to hurry up and pay you already, without making them mad, so you can keep the repeat business and the good reputation? How do you get your bill to stack #1?

Accelerator will often do the trick for the Distracted. Learn More...
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Profit Recovery - Diplomatic, 3rd-Party Demands

Ok, the well-intentioned people have paid or called, but the others have ignored your friendly prompts for payment, right?

Ok, well, if they threw away your 1st and 2nd and 3rd bill, what do you think they will do with the 4th and 5th bill?

Its time to stop wasting resources by playing nicey-nice with them and escalate the matter, assigning real consequences if they continue to do nothing.

The Faithful and the Distracted have already been weeded out, and now you are left with the Disrespectful and the Theives. The frustrating news is that most of them have money - they just aren't paying YOU!

Profit Recovery will often do the trick for the Disrespectful. Learn More...
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Verbal/Legal Collections

If you have gotten to this point in the process, you probably feel like you have thrown everything at them but the kitchen sink…and you might already have your toolbox out to get it ready!

Maybe, but just hold on a second. Maybe all that's needed to uproot their disrespect is a simple phone call - not from you - but from a live, professional, educated collector who does this sort of thing all day, has ben trained by the #1 collection agency in the world and is motivated to get that money for you. However, sometimes, it could take legal action

Our Verbal & Legal Collection teams will often do the trick with the Thieves. Learn More...
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Insurance Resolution

For the doctors who would rather their A/R team focus on the young insurance claims, ensuring that they are coded correctly and are clean, we have a fancy way of enforcing the contract with stalling insurance payers by simply doing the one thing you can't do - say "licensed collection agency."

Our Insurance Resolution tool will most often do the trick with Stalling Payers. Learn More...
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