The 4 Most Important Issues in Billing

#1 - Get The Money Upfront (Right?)

Just ask each patient/tenant/client/customer for payment on the front end.

There is no need for lots of training or to have someone with a "bulldog" personality up front. Just teach them to assume that the person is ready to pay when they order/show-up/call-in, etc by asking:

"Great, your total today comes to $_______. We take cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard….How would you like to take care of that today?"

Notice the emphasis on today.

If there is any resistance or sob stories, then refer to the "What To Say When…" scripts which are
written or in video form.

#2 - Bill At the Right Time of the Week & Month

A few different studies have shown that timing matters. If your view is a weekly one, then to send your bills on Wednesday will ensure that it'll be there when people are paying their bills on Fridays and Saturdays (that's for businesses and consumers).

On a monthly view, if you can get your bills out by the 10th (no matter whether individuals or businesses pay you), then you will be positioning yourself perfectly to be paid. The idea here is that most companies pay their staff on the 1st and 15th of the month. And since rent/mortgages are due around the 1st typically, a good chunk of the money they get on the 1st will be used for rent (and payroll if they are a business).

However, if you can get your bill in front of them for that 15th of the month paycheck, then you are more likely to be paid.

#3 Watch Your Age of Accounts

The sooner they receive a statement after a visit/ordering from you, the better. The longer you wait to send a bill, the more personal phone calls your staff has to take to where people call in asking for clarifications.

In medical, timing the statement just after they received the explanation of benefits from their insurance should be the ultimate target. It is at this time that the patient has the most recent information and is least likely to make additional phone calls asking for clarification.

In other businesses, send that bill upon delivery of the product or services.

#4 Accuracy

Of course, sending out a clear and accurate statement is the easiest way to avoid payment delays. Best practices include ensuring payments are posted quickly when received, are up-to-date before sending new statements and that they are applied to the correct items.

Our Interface Partners

If you typically submit more than 20 accounts a month to TSI, you might consider seeing if we partner with your software or filing company already, which would make uploads to our portal much easier. (NO MORE MANUALLY DATA-ENTRY!)

We have interfaces and partnerships with dozens of companies, like Quickbooks, Athena Health, Vitera Health, eClinical Works, Greenway Medical, Centricity Health, Pest Pac Software, EDImis, and on and on the list goes. Contact us to see if yours in on the list. If not, we can contact them to see what we can do.
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