About Our Team

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We Have A Singular Specialty

Brad McDaniel, MBA, and his team, are obsessed with helping doctors get their patients to actually pay their portion so that they can stay flush with cash.

We are often told by doctors and administrators that our A/R strategies are like "a blinding flash of the obvious." So simple. So easy to implement. Far more effective their their current processes. And much easier on the wallet....yet, somehow, they have never seen it all put together like this before.

We Help Doctors Solve A Singular Problem

Doctors have been living off insurance money for decades, while patients have grown accustomed to not paying their medical bills without any real consequences. That time is over and it doesn’t seem to be returning any time soon. So the impact of plummeting reimbursements and the on-set of the ACA/Exchanges, practices must learn - maybe for the first time ever(!) - how to begin to collect the patient portion for their services, or the practice simply will not survive the tough new reality...no matter who owns the practice.

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