Get Patients to Actually Pay Their Portion

We believe…

…that people have money, but just aren't paying their doctors. 
…that people are busy and distracted and need some help prioritizing what's important (your bill). 

…that healthcare is important for us all and that you should be paid, in full. 
…but if you don’t automate your past-due prompts that patient A/R will just slip away.
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Our app has cracked the code on past-due patient collections.

So when will you jump off the insanity cycle to the left? You are leaving $1000’s on the table!

30,000 medical practices already use our app to…

- Stop losing the $12,400/per doctor/per year which can be easily collected via an automated app, but is normally written off,
Free-up staff from the dreaded collection calls so they can focus on wisdom and relationship tasks,
Automate even more of your staff’s tedious, mindless tasks to save time & money,
- Get back to
peaceful and profitable so that the providers can focus on the patients!

Click here to see a demo of the app in action.